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Galileo Pre-K Online

System Requirements


 Desktop Platforms
 Mobile Platforms

Desktop Platforms

As a browser-based web application, Galileo Pre-K Online supports multiple web browsers running in desktop/notebook computer environments. Click the browser name to learn which computer operating systems are supported by your browser. Click on a browser name to view manufacturer-published operating system requirements.

Supported Web Browsers  
MS Internet Explorer 11

Mozilla Firefox (current version)

Apple Safari 6

Apple Safari 5

Google Chrome (current version)


  • Reporting functions may require Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin
  • Media functions such as Storyteller may require Adobe Flash Player plugin
  • Case Notes and Anecdotal Notes may require Java Runtime Environment

Mobile Platforms

Here's a quick way to see how Galileo Pre-K Online can be used on supported mobile devices running the default browser.

Galileo Pre-K Area MS Surface
RT and Pro
Apple iPad Android
 Galileo Pre-K Online Core Functions Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Multimedia Content (Includes Storyteller) Yes No Yes Yes


Date of last revision: January 19, 2016

ATI continuously updates system requirements as technology changes. We strive to provide clients with the best functionality available using the most current technology innovations. If you have any questions concerning your specific technology setup, please contact ATI.