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Access to the Highest-Quality Item Banks in the Nation

The high-quality Item Banks, accessible via Galileo, are the clear choice for educators seeking the wide array of items needed to engage students in complex thinking to promote college and career readiness. The ATI Secure and Community (formative) Item Banks are aligned to individual State Standards for grades K-12 in mathematics, English language arts (ELA), and science as well as Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Client districts and charters benefit from:

Galileo Item Banks
  • ATI Secure and Community Item Banks providing more than 93,400 items in K-12 math, ELA, and science including over 16,800 technology enhanced items
  • partner item bank options include Key Data Systems Inspect® and Certica Navigate Item Bank™ collectively offering an additional 140,000 items
  • direct alignment to individual State Standards for grades K-12 in math, ELA, and science as well as CCSS and NGSS
  • items that reflect released items from state standardized assessments from PARCC, SBAC, AIR, and others
  • powerful metadata for items and passages such as Item Response Theory (IRT) item parameters, Depth of Knowledge (DOK) level, standard, scoring rules, answer rationales, Lexile®, and Flesch-Kincaid readability
  • continuous item development and multi-tiered review by experts and educators.
  • ongoing validation of items using IRT techniques
  • ATI Community Assessment and Item Banking (CAIB) initiative providing access to additional Item Banks created by educators in your state and including up to 21,000 items (varies by state) in diverse content areas such as social studies, art, music, physical education, and foreign language
ATI Item Bank
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ATI Secure and Community Item Banks

The ATI Secure and Community Item Banks contain more than 93,400 items in K-12 mathematics, ELA, and science (including more than 16,800 TE items). Approximately 800 more items are added each month by ATI’s experts. ATI Item Banks contain 19 different item types including selected-response, constructed-response, and TE items as well as performance-based assessment tasks. Experience in the ATI Sample Items assessment some of the rigorous, innovative, and engaging Galileo items that encourage use and development of higher order thinking skills.

Item Bank video

Watch our video to learn the benefits of the ATI Secure and Community Item Banks

Item Types in the ATI Item Banks

  • Selected Response (single correct response)
  • True-False
  • Expanded Selected Response (multiple correct responses)
  • Multi-Part
  • Short Answer
  • Open Response
  • Classification (via drag and drop)
  • Sequencing (via drag and drop)
  • Selectable Text (hot text)
  • Drop Down
  • Interactive Coordinate Planes
  • Interactive Early Elementary Audio
  • Interactive Geometry
  • Interactive Graphing and Charts
  • Interactive Labeling
  • Interactive Linear and Volume Measurement
  • Interactive Ordering
  • Observational
  • Performance Based

( Audio/Video Component can be included in many item types)

Key Data Systems Inspect Logo

Key Data Systems Inspect Item Bank

ATI has a partnership with Key Data Systems (KDS) to provide the Inspect® Item Bank within Galileo. The Inspect® Item Bank includes more than 100,000 items in K-12 mathematics and ELA and science in grades 4 through 12 as well as history items aligned to standards in California, Florida, Texas, and Georgia. The Inspect® Item Bank encompasses the most comprehensive array of item types in the industry. In addition to traditional items, Inspect® includes all item types currently used in the high‐stakes testing environment. Preview Inspect® Sample Items and learn more about the ATI and KDS partnership.

Item Types in the Inspect Item Banks

  • Drag and drop
  • Graphing
  • Hot Spot
  • Multi-part
  • Matching tables
  • Hot text
  • Drop down
  • Technology Enabled Listening
  • Equation/Numeric
  • Fill-in tables
  • Multiple-choice, single correct response
  • Multiple-choice, multiple correct response
  • Evidence-based selected response
  • Short text/Constructed response

Inspect math Item

Sample Inspect math item

Inspect ELA Item

Sample Inspect ELA item

Inspect Science item

Sample Inspect science item

Access to Powerful Metadata

Galileo provides access to a variety of powerful metadata for items such as standard, DOK level, scoring rules, answer rationales, and IRT item parameters including difficulty, discrimination, and pseudo guessing. Metadata can be viewed along with item content to support the development of assessments and the interpretation of student results. Metadata can also be used to refine item searches.

ATI Item Metadata

Example of Galileo display of item with metadata

Ongoing Item Validation

Unlike systems delivering static item banks validated with a single student sample at a single point in time, items in the ATI and Inspect® item banks are psychometrically validated on an ongoing basis. This makes it possible to ensure that standards-aligned assessments built in Galileo are reliable and valid, and that they can be effectively used to measure the acquisition of skills, mastery of standards, progress, and readiness for statewide assessments for students at all performance levels.

ATI Community Assessment and Item Banking Initiative

Participation in ATI’s Community Assessment and Item Banking (CAIB) initiative provides access to additional Item Banks created by educators in your state in diverse content areas such as social studies, art, music, physical education, and foreign language. ATI provides participants with professional development that supports educators in producing high-quality standards-aligned items. More than 22,000 items have been created nationwide as part of this initiative. Available Item Banks vary by state.

CAIB Spanish item

Sample CAIB Spanish item

CAIB art item

Sample CAIB art item

CAIB history item

Sample CAIB history item

Learn how to access sample assessments including ATI or Inspect items.

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