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ATI offers a vast assortment of pre-built formative assessments available in Galileo libraries including the ATI TE Formatives and the MAZE Reading Fluency Online test libraries.
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K-12 Learning on Demand Differentiating Instruction for Students Based on Data from the Intervention Alert Report – with updated tips, Wednesday, January 24 at 4:30-5:30 pm EST.
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Galileo Offers Flexible and Dynamic Reporting Options
January 8, 2018

Organize Your Workflow with Galileo Launchpad Technology
December 18, 2017

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Havasu Schools to Get Help in Framing Curriculum

Seeking to better meet state’s ever-changing standards with deal

JULY 16, 2017

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Three-year study evaluates STEM pilot in Arizona schools

"Across all participating sites this year, the combined average gains in mathematics and science scores were statistically significant on Galileo assessments..."

NOVEMBER 22, 2016

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ATI News

ATI Modifies the Galileo Help Files - A One-Stop Shop for Learning Resources

JANUARY 1, 2018

ATI announces a modification to Galileo K-12 and Pre-K Help Files. The Galileo Forum has been retired and all support content will be hosted within the Galileo K-12 and Pre-K Help Files. You may now think of the Help Files as a one-stop shop for all learning resources.... Continue reading

Organize Your Workflow with Galileo Launchpad Technology

DECEMBER 21, 2017

Would you benefit from assistance in handling the daily stream of student data and reporting? Your answer is probably yes. Well, imagine you had a digital assistant to help drive you through the world of education. An assistant with a simple interface... Continue reading

StrongMind Launches 45 New Digital Courses in 18 Months

EdTech Leader Raising the Bar in Online Learning with Award Winning Curriculum, Advanced Assessments and a State-of-the-Art Courseware Platform

OCTOBER 23, 2017

Starting this school year, StrongMind courses will include Galileo® K-12 Online assessments from Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI), which will provide StrongMind Certified Schools with valid and reliable diagnostic, growth, and proficiency data... Continue reading

New One-Click Benchmark Performance Levels Reporting Widget by ATI

OCTOBER 5, 2017

The new Benchmark Performance Levels reporting widget accessible from the Teacher Dashboard summarizes multiple measures of student performance on district benchmark assessments for your entire class at once... Continue reading

Evidence-Based Digital Curriculum Takes Center Stage in Arizona Classrooms

ATI establishes an integrated partnership with Crane Elementary School District


Crane Elementary School District launches Dynamic Curriculum Strategies, a curriculum solution designed for grades K-8. The online curriculum is provided through the Galileo K-12 Digital Curriculum Platform from ATI.... Continue reading

StrongMind Digital Curriculum to Include Galileo Assessments

EdTech Leaders Partner to Enable StrongMind Certified Schools to Harness the Power of Data with Leading Edge Assessments

AUGUST 23, 2017

CHANDLER, Ariz., August 22, 2017 – StrongMind, a top digital curriculum and technology solution provider for secondary schools, announced it is partnering with Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI) to deliver ATI’s Galileo® Online assessments as part of the StrongMind Digital Curriculum solution... Continue reading

Seminar - Leadership Seminar to Optimize Implementation

Critical tipping points in gathering, understanding, and using formative data

AUGUST 22, 2017

Join us for an interactive seminar designed to guide the optimization of district and school initiatives related to gathering, understanding, and using formative data. The seminar will begin with a brief discussion of real world leadership challenges and available implementation support services from WestEd and ATI... Continue reading

Webinar - New 2017-18 Assessment, Reporting, and Instructional Tools

AUGUST 9, 2017

Register for the complimentary webinar co-hosted by Arizona Charter Schools Association and ATI showcasing the functionality of new powerful tools in Galileo K-12... Continue reading

Galileo K-12 Approved for Use with New 2017-18 Exemption to Retention in Move On When Ready Legislation

JULY 28, 2017

The Arizona State Board of Education has approved use of the Galileo K-12 Instructional Improvement and Effectiveness System (IIES) in assessing 3rd grade student reading skills following a new exemption to retention in Move on When Reading (MOWR) legislation... Continue reading

4 Simple Steps to Maximize Galileo K-12 Implementation

JULY 27, 2017

As the summer is winding down, it's time to start getting ready for the new school year. We have compiled a short checklist to help you prepare for optimal Galileo implementation... Continue reading

Streamline Your Next Galileo Data Upload

JULY 24, 2017

Did you know that you can plan and monitor the importation of data directly within Galileo using the Data Upload Planner?... Continue reading

Update on Arizona State Standards Adopted 2016

JULY 24, 2017

Assessment Technology Incorporated has begun the transition to the newly adopted, 2016 version of the Arizona State Standards. As part of the transition... Continue reading

Galileo Pre-K: Assessment and Curriculum Fidelity Tool

JULY 19, 2017

An integrated assessment and curriculum system such as Galileo Pre-K is most effective in promoting children's learning when implementation is consistent, managed, and monitored. Fidelity of implementation occurs when... Continue reading

Google Translator Toolbar

JULY 19, 2017

Galileo Pre-K now includes Google Translator which can dynamically translate most components of the Galileo interface into more than 20 languages. The new feature is easy... Continue reading

Formative Assessment Creation is Easier than Ever Using Test Builder with Item Builder Interface

JUNE 27, 2017

Formative assessments are created in a snap using Galileo® Test Builder with access to one of the largest item banks in the nation consisting of items developed by ATI's expert item writers, Inspect® items... Continue reading

New Online Testing Tools for Students

JUNE 27, 2017

Additional testing tools have been added to the Galileo online testing interface within the K-12 Student-Parent Center. Teachers can now schedule... Continue reading

Galileo's GradeCam Integration Offers Flexible Methods of Test Administration

JUNE 27, 2017

Galileo K-12 offers educators full capability to administer assessments online or offline with paper and pencil and plain-paper or high-speed scanning. The multiple solutions... Continue reading

Now Live: New Look for ATI-Online.Com Website and Galileo Sign In

JUNE 7, 2017

Our newly redesigned ATI website is now live. The updated site includes sign in access to Galileo from any page and requires no change in user ID or password... Continue reading

New: Customizable Staff Launchpad with Quick Access Tiles

APRIL 11, 2017

Teachers and administrators will soon have access to a new Galileo Launchpad interface which can be customized to meet your needs and preferences... Continue reading

New Powerful Launchpad for K-12 Student-Parent Center

MARCH 17, 2017

The new Launchpad for the K-12 Student-Parent Center, ATI's latest enhancement to Galileo... Continue reading

New Timed Test and Pause Test Options

MARCH 1, 2017

When scheduling an assessment in Galileo K-12, users now have the option to assign a timer as well as the ability to pause a test... Continue reading

Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform Release

JANUARY 9, 2017

The flexible Digital Curriculum Platform within Galileo K-12 is now available to all clients at no additional charge... Continue reading

New 2015-16 ATI Research Briefs Assist Pre-K Programs Interpreting Developmental Level (DL) scores

AUGUST 9, 2016

Galileo Pre-K Online is a reliable and valid assessment tool that can be used to define, assess, and track learning. ATI applies procedures based in Item Response Theory... Continue reading

Live this Week: New Galileo Menu Bar and Teaching Dashboard

AUGUST 8, 2016

Galileo's two newest interfaces will be launching this week. Both the streamlined menu bar and Teaching Dashboard offer a fresh look and enhanced functionality... Continue reading

New Galileo Menu Bar and Teaching Dashboard plus an Assessment Planning Reminder

JULY 28, 2016

Now is your opportunity to preview Galileo's two newest interfaces: the streamlined menu bar and Teaching Dashboard. Each interface offers a fresh look and enhanced functionality... Continue reading

New: Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Menu Bar and Teaching Dashboard

JUNE 30, 2016

Galileo's powerful tools have two new interfaces offering a fresh look and enhanced functionality... Continue reading

All Aboard! The Full Switch to the New Galileo K-12 Student-Parent Center is Slated for July 3

JUNE 16, 2016

On July 3, the Galileo transition from the classic view to the new K-12 Student-Parent Center will be fully completed. We encourage you to get an even earlier start... Continue reading

Switch to the New K-12 Student-Parent Center

MAY 10, 2016

Join the Galileo users who have already made the switch to our new K-12 Student-Parent Center and begin to enjoy the benefits it provides. Discover the sleek new interface designed... Continue reading

DOK Level Filter

MARCH 3, 2016

ATI has made it easier for districts and charters to develop assessments addressing desired levels of cognitive complexity. Galileo Test Builder has been enhanced to support filtering item searches... Continue reading

Advantages of Using Galileo Pre-K Online Assessment

MARCH 3, 2016

Galileo Pre-K Online supports ongoing multi-method observational assessment of children with diverse characteristics including English language learners and children with disabilities... Continue reading

A Brief Look at the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform

JANUARY 28, 2016

A webinar recording demonstrating the next generation of Galileo technology, the Digital Curriculum Platform, is now available to view. The platform is a practical and complete system... Continue reading

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