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Upcoming Events, Seminars, and Webinars

NMSBA 17 Conference

DECEMBER 1 and 2
K-12 Conference Info

New Mexico School Board Association Annual Conference

Hosted by New Mexico School Board Association (NMSBA)

Embassy Suites Hotel
Albuquerque, NM

ATI Exhibit #19 with online demonstrations - experience the Galileo K-12 difference.

K-12 LOD

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Differentiating Instruction for Groups of Students based on the Aggregate Multi-Test Reports - with updated tips

Hosted by ATI
4:00-5:00 pm EST

Audience: Teachers and specialists responsible for instructional interventions and progress monitoring

Description: This session walks participants through accessing and interpreting data through the Aggregate MultiTest Report by performance level and risk level and the Student Multi-Test Report. The data from these reports can help educators to group students performing at various levels for targeted instruction. Participants learn how to use the Aggregate Multi-Test by risk level to access Instructional Dialogs and Quiz Builder to assist in the re-teaching and reassessing of targeted learning standards.

ATI Proud Sponsor
Arizona Educational Research Organization 2017 Annual Meeting

The Promise and Future of Public Education in Arizona: Interrogating the Opportunities and Risks Ahead

University of Phoenix Campus
Tempe, AZ

Luncheon Keynote Presentation

Critical Tipping Points in Gathering, Understanding, and Using Formative Data

Presented by

ATI WestEd logos

Sarah Callahan Estrada, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, ATI
Susan Jacobs, School Improvement Facilitator, WestEd

Description: Join Assessment Technology, Incorporated (ATI) and WestEd for an interactive presentation designed to guide the optimization of district and school initiatives related to gathering, understanding, and using data to inform and promote learning. We will begin by discussing how district and school challenges related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and leadership can be seen as tipping point opportunities to maximize teaching and learning. As an example, we will take a deeper look at how district and school leaders can help ensure that instruction responds to the implications of student performance data in targeted and meaningful ways. Together, we will examine a sample classroom dataset including multiple measures of student ability, standards mastery, and achievement. ATI and WestEd will share guidance related to understanding complex measures of student performance, avoiding common pitfalls in interpretation, and using data to inform effective strategies that improve student learning. A handout with concrete tips and resources will be provided to support the implementation of this guidance in the real world.

ASBA-ASA 17 Conference

DECEMBER 15 and 16
K-12 Conference Info

ASBA-ASA 60th Annual Conference

Hosted by Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA) and Arizona Association of School Administrators (ASA)

Arizona Biltmore
Phoenix, AZ

ATI Exhibit #225 with online demonstrations - experience the Galileo K-12 difference.

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