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Galileo K-12 Online

Professional Development for Galileo K‑12 Online Users

Professional Development Survey

Galileo Professional Development (PD) staff from ATI come to you direct from the classroom and are well-versed in both educational theory and practice. In addition to degrees in education, our team has substantial educational experience teaching students of all ages. Because we have been in the trenches of public education, we are sensitive to the every-day challenges facing educators, and include innovative and practical solutions in our offerings.


Professional Development

ATI offers a comprehensive, customized PD and training program. PD options address all aspects of Galileo K-12 implementation and management which include On-Site PD, Small Group Webinars, and Learning on Demand sessions. Learn more about these valuable PD options.


Scheduling On-site Professional Development

On-site instruction is arranged through the ATI PD Department. The number of trainings depends on the topics selected. Up to 40 participants may take part in a session held at a district-provided computer lab. Training is booked on a first-come, first-served basis. To inquire about on-site professional development sessions, complete the PD Request form here or contact a PD staff member at 1.877.442.5453 or email us for information and to reserve a date.

Professional Development Series: Learning on Demand

The PD Department offers Learning on Demand sessions to assist educators in becoming proficient users of Galileo K-12 Online technology with the goal of enhancing student learning. Learning on Demand recorded and online line sessions are complimentary. Recorded Learning on Demand sessions for Galileo users are available now in the Professional Development Forum. Live Learning on Demand sessions for Galileo users offer multiple dates and times for ease and flexibility.


Learning on Demand Sessions

New sessions available. Learn more.

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