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Seminar Information

  Monday, April 10
  12:30 pm -
4:00 p.m. MST

  University of Phoenix
  Main Campus, Room 401
  1625 W. Fountainhead
  Tempe, AZ 85282

The seminar is complimentary.
Light refreshments will be served.

Evidence-Based Digital Curriculum Takes Center Stage in Arizona Classrooms

A complimentary seminar

Co-Hosted by Crane Elementary School District (CESD) and

Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI)

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Get a first-hand look at Dynamic Curriculum Strategies, a curriculum solution created by Crane Elementary School District (CESD) and offered through the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform from Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI). Attend this statewide seminar illustrating how the cutting edge, evidence-based curriculum that is completely aligned to Arizona State Standards can be implemented by all Arizona school districts/charters.

Dynamic Curriculum Strategies offers standards-based curriculum, affiliated resources, aligned assessments, and reporting all-in-one cost effective approach. This learning system offers a logical approach to assessment and interactive instruction with opportunities to personalize learning supporting students with a spectrum of needs. The curriculum is offered through the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform where it is integrated with the Galileo assessment and reporting components. The intuitive Platform makes it easy to develop and modify curriculum/lesson plan content and merge this content with formative and benchmark assessments. The Platform also empowers educators to deliver evidence-based differentiated instruction and quickly evaluate the impact of curriculum and instruction on student mastery of standards. Plus, teachers can access on-demand instruction and assessment resources from ATI, EngageNY, KHAN ACADEMY®, and LearnZillion and easily link them to Dynamic Curriculum Strategies.

Together we are pioneering the next generation of educational innovations delivering the best in curriculum, educational practice, online technology, assessment, and research. We invite you to come see for yourself by hearing from local leaders and participating in a curriculum strategies breakout session. You will not want to miss this breakthrough event.

KHAN ACADEMY® materials are available for free at
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