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Press Releases & Announcements

April 11, 2017

New: Customizable Staff Launchpad with Quick Access Tiles


March 17, 2017

New Powerful Launchpad for K-12 Student-Parent Center


March 1, 2017

New Timed Test and Pause Test Options


January 9, 2017

Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform Release


August 9, 2016

New 2015-16 ATI Research Briefs Assist Pre-K Programs Interpreting Developmental Level (DL) scores


August 8, 2016

Live this Week: New Galileo Menu Bar and Teaching Dashboard


July 28, 2016

New Galileo Menu Bar and Teaching Dashboard plus an Assessment Planning Reminder


June 30, 2016

NEW: Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Menu Bar and Teaching Dashboard


June 16, 2016

All Aboard! The Full Switch to the New Galileo K-12 Student-Parent Center is Slated for July 3


May 10, 2016

Switch to the New K-12 Student-Parent Center Today!


March 3, 2016

DOK Level Filter


March 3, 2016

Advantages of Using Galileo Pre-K Online Assessment


January 28, 2016

A Brief Look at the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform


December 28, 2015

ATI Launches New Student-Parent Center Platform and Test Monitoring Interface


December 3, 2015

ATI Offers Extensive Item Banks to Meet All District/Charter Assessment Needs


November 30, 2015

Galileo Pre-K Online Help is Always at Hand


October 21, 2015

Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform Facilitates the Integration of Instruction with Assessment to Promote Learning


October 21, 2015

Galileo Pre-K Online Supports Programs Across the Country


October 8, 2015

Dynamic Digital Curriculum Platform: Another Innovative Solution from ATI


October 6, 2015

Galileo K-12 Online Available for Interim Assessments in Colorado


September 24, 2015

Galileo Dashboard Reports Facilitate Differentiated Instruction


August 14, 2015

Effective Data, Extraordinary Results adobe pdf


August 6, 2015

New ATI Research Briefs Support Evaluation of Child Growth


July 21, 2015

Thousands of Technology Enhanced Items


July 14, 2015

Valid Data for Tracking and Reporting Child Developmental Progress Provided by Galileo Pre-K Online


July 10, 2015

ATI Launches New Online Testing Interface


June 16, 2015

ATI Offers a Wide Array of Technology Enhanced Items


June 3, 2015

Comprehensive Assessment Planning


April 28, 2015

Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform


April 7, 2015

A Galileo K-12 Online Journey through Common Core and Educator Effectiveness adobe pdf


March 10, 2015

ATI's Comprehensive Assessment System Includes Technology Enhanced Items


March 3, 2015

Galileo Pre-K Online Storyteller- Interactive Language and Literacy Technology


February 24, 2015

Item Response Theory Sets Galileo K-12 Apart


February 17, 2015

ATI Supports Districts and Charters Transitioning to AzMERIT


February 11, 2015

Galileo Instructional Effectiveness Technology is Flexible, Research-Based, and Supports Local Instructional Effectiveness Initiatives



News Archive

Published Articles & Media Coverage

September 2015

DATA ESSENTIALS: Must Haves' for a Next Generation Comprehensive Assessment System Southeast Education Network

December 2014

Making a Measurable Difference with Technology-Based Curriculum and Assessment CA Small School Districts Association, pg. 7

July 2014

District 1 Pleased With Recent Assessment Test Results Yuma Sun


February 2014

Research Helps Early Educators Evaluate Children's Growth AZEdNews


January 2014

Santa Cruz High School Seeking New Superintendent: School Board Reviews Galileo Assessment Results The Eloy Enterprise


January 2014

ATI Releases Galileo® School Readiness Scales EdNET Insight


January 2014

Case Study Evaluation of a District's Galileo® Assessments in K-3 EdNET Insight


November 2013

National Head Start Portrait of Child Outcomes for 2012-2013: Progress toward School Readiness EdNET Insight


November 2013

Webster Curriculum Director Touts Use of Assessment System News


October 2013

Galileo® K-12 Online Assessments Appropriate for Use as District-Determined Measures EdNET Insight


May 2013

ATI and eInstruction Enhancing Classroom Experiences through Technological Integration and Innovation Digital Journal


April 2013

KidsByTheBunch Announces Galileo Pre-K Online Programadobe pdf in the San Francisco Chronicle


March 2013

Making the Connection Districts Look to Tech-Based Systems for Help in Implementing New Evaluationsadobe pdf Arizona School Board Association Journal



News Archive

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