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Galileo K-12 Online

System Requirements

For districts planning to test online - please refer to our Guidelines for Optimizing an Online Testing Environment.


 Desktop Platforms
 Mobile Platforms
 Additional Requirements for Scanline
 Additional Requirements for Mercury

Desktop Platforms

As a browser-based web application, Galileo K-12 Online supports multiple web browsers running in desktop/notebook computer environments. Click the browser name to learn which computer operating systems are supported by your browser. Click on a browser name to view manufacturer-published operating system requirements.

Supported Web Browsers  
MS Internet Explorer 11

MS Internet Explorer 10

Mozilla Firefox (current version)

Apple Safari 6

Apple Safari 5

Google Chrome (current version)


  • Reporting functions may require Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin
  • Media functions may require Adobe Flash Player plugin
  • Bank, Dialog and Test Builder tools may require Java Runtime Environment

Mobile Platforms

Here's a quick way to see how Galileo K-12 Online can be used on supported mobile devices running the default browser.

Galileo K-12 Area MS Surface
RT and Pro
Apple iPad Android
 Galileo K-12 Online Core Functions Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Student Testing Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Multimedia Student Test Content (Includes Early
 Literacy Benchmark Assessment Series)
Yes No No Yes
 Instructional Dialogs Yes No Yes Yes
 Bank Builder Tools Yes No Yes Yes
 Test Builder Tools Yes No Yes Yes
 Dialog Builder Tools Yes No Yes Yes


  • Minimum screen resolution is 1024x768 pixels


Additional Requirements for Scanline

Operating System Version Required
Windows Vista or 7**

OS Version
Windows Vista Business* or Ultimate*/7
Hardware Required
1.6 GHz Dual Core
DCP-8110DN**, DCP-8150DN**, or DCP-8155DN§**,
Brother DCP-8060¥**, DCP-8080DN¥**, DCP-8085DN¥§**
Scantron OpScan™*, Scantron iNSIGHT 4™*, Scantron iNSIGHT 20™*
Scantron scanner models formerly sold by NCS Pearson
NCS ABACUSxp Blue 100 Answer Form 219482* or
Orange 350 Answer Form 224944

       **  Scanline Plain-Paper Application Only
         §  Full duplex scanning
         ¥  No longer in production
         *  Scanline Hi-Speed Application Only

Additional Requirements for Mercury

Operating System Version Required
Windows Vista or 7
Intel-based Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard) or 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

OS Version
Windows Vista, 7
Mac OS 10.4, 10.5, 10.6
Hardware Required
 Input Device
CPS IR, Pulse, Gen2 or Spark Response Pad,
Promethean Activote PRM-AV2-01 Response Pad w/ Receiver PRM-AH1-01, or
Promethean Activote PRM-AV3-01 Response Pad w/ Receiver PRM-AH2-01
SMART Response Pads¥
CPS Pulse, Gen2, IR or
Spark Response Pad
Promethean ActivExpressions
Response Pads
Projector† or shared display
Software Required
 Testing Application
Mercury software†
 Support Software
 Support Software
eInstruction CPS Software v6.70†,
Promethean Activote Drivers†, or Promethean ActivExpression Drivers †
SMART Response connector for Galileo¥
ATI-Provided CPS Device Driver†

         †  Instructor computer only
           OS X 10.6 only
         ¥  More information and support provided by SMART Technologies

Date of last revision: April 2, 2014

ATI continuously updates system requirements as technology changes. We strive to provide clients with the best functionality available using the most current technology innovations. If you have any questions concerning your specific technology setup, please contact ATI.