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Partnership Model

The ability and commitment of ATI to accommodate change are essential aspects of ATI support for each client Local Education Agency (LEA). Implementation of the ATI Partnership Model allows ATI to continually adjust services and expand technology capabilities in response to changing needs within and across LEAs. The Galileo K-12 Online Instructional Improvement and Effectiveness System continues to evolve based in part on direct interaction with clients. The Partnership Model is beneficial in a number of ways as it supports:

  • LEA Stakeholder Voices. Active collaboration between ATI and a client LEA provides support for the implementation of LEA initiatives involving a broad array of stakeholders and addressing needs and decision-making responsibilities at multiple levels within the LEA.
  • Dynamic Technology Accommodating LEA Needs. Collaboration between ATI and LEA stakeholders facilitates ATIís planning, technology development, and reporting capabilities that provide actionable information to guide assessment, instruction, and professional development including that identified through instructional effectiveness initiatives.
  • Rapid Access to Technology Updates. ATI continually updates Galileo to address advances in educational research, online technology, educational legislation, and evolving client needs often expressed through the collaborative process. Because Galileo technology is web-based, clients benefit not only from what is available now, but also from the enhancements made routinely available to all users as they are completed.
  • Comprehensive Customized Assessment. Implementation of ATIís Standards Builder, Assessment Planner, Test Generator, and Test Review tools ensure that the broad range of assessments accessed through Galileo closely match standards and LEA curricula. These tools and interactive communication supported through the partnership model make it easy to modify assessments over time as curriculum, standards, and LEA-specific needs change.
  • Accommodation of Existing LEA Instructional and Assessment Content. Recognizing the investment clients have made in curriculum and assessment content, ATI has developed modules that allow LEAs to use existing materials in the Galileo system.