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Galileo K-12 Online Videos: Galileo K-12 Online Overview |   Teaching Geometric Formulas  |   Psychometrics  |   Common Core  |   Instructional Effectiveness   Research Based Offerings  |   Comprehensive Assessment System  |   Instructional Dialogs   |   Early Literacy Benchmark Assessment Series
Galileo K-12 Online Videos:
Galileo K-12 Online Overview
Common Core State Standards
Instructional Effectiveness
Comprehensive Assessment System
Research Based Offerings
Instructional Dialogs
Early Literacy Benchmark
Assessment Series
Galileo K-12 Online Videos:   Galileo K-12 Online Overview    Physchometrics    Common Core State Standards   Instructional Effectiveness   Comprehensive Assessment System  |  Research Based Offerings   |  Instructional Dialogs  |  
Early Literacy Benchmark Assessment Series



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Galileo K-12 Online


Galileo K-12 Online Instructional Improvement and Effectiveness System is comprehensive, standards-based, and research supported. The system supports an array of curriculum, assessment, instructional effectiveness, and reporting tools supporting implementation of Common Core State Standards and the fulfillment of instructional effectiveness initiatives.

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Coming soon: The K-12 Student-Parent Center new interface making communication even easier regarding instruction and assessment used to guide instruction toward the achievement of educational goals.


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Galileo Pre-K Online


Galileo Pre-K Online provides preschool educators and other stakeholders a research-based assessment, curriculum, and reporting system. The system reflects early childhood state standards, school readiness goals, and the Head Start Child Development and Learning Framework that links planning, individualization, and program enhancements.

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