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Galileo Pre-K Online

Professional Development for Galileo Pre-K Online Users

CEU's awarded with completion

ATI has a number of professional development and support options designed to help ensure
that educators maximize their use of the Galileo system with the goal of maximizing children's
learning opportunities. Professional development offerings include both on-site and online options. ATI's Professional Development team has instructed thousands of teachers on Galileo Pre-K and
K-12 technology and are well-versed in both education theory and practice. Learn more about the Galileo Pre-K Online Professional Development options and complimentary Learning on Demand Series.

On-Site Professional Development

Professional Development Survey

On-site professional development is held at a program-provided site and is supported with
materials tailored to meet the needs of the audience, including lead-staff sessions. During on-
site professional development, each participant receives a detailed professional development session-specific manual covering the delivered topics. The manuals are also designed and
written specifically for the level user (i.e., class level, school level, district level). See the course
registration form link below for fees.

Online Professional Development

Galileo Online Professional Development Forum

Online professional development is also offered through the Galileo Pre-K Online Professional Development Forum. The Forum, accessible after logging in to Galileo Pre-K Online, offers an online platform for teachers, curriculum specialists, agency administrators, and all Galileo users to post questions, share experiences and expertise, connect with other educators, and make suggestions. The Forum is moderated by ATI staff members who respond to messages and post helpful information. The Forum also offers a gateway to the Resource Library with links to pre-recorded video tutorials and quick reference guides. Galileo users have unlimited, complimentary access to the Professional Development Forum.


Professional Development Offerings

ATI's Inter-Rater Reliability Professional Development Series: Online

Inter-rater reliability professional development assists teachers and program staff to develop the knowledge and skills required to reliably conduct observational assessments. The offering consists of a series of online courses, available on a quarterly basis, organized into two modules. The first is Module 1 Best Practices in Observational Assessment and is a pre-requisite to Module 2. Module 2 Unpacking the Galileo G3 Assessment Scales for 3- through 5-year olds includes activities designed to encourage participants to carefully evaluate each indicator on the assessment scale to gain a detailed understanding of the skills and behaviors that comprise a child's capabilities.


Module 2 includes components for each domain of knowledge represented in the Galileo G3 scales: Approaches to Learning, Creative Arts, English, Language Acquisition, Language Literacy, Logic and Reasoning, Early Math, Nature and Science, Physical Development and Health, Social and Emotional Development, Social Studies, and Technology. Assessments are given at the end of each component to determine mastery of knowledge and to earn an expert certificate in the selected domain. Continuing Education Unit credits are provided following completion of Module 1 and as each of the Module 2 components are successfully completed. Click here for the Inter-Rater Reliability Professional Development Series: Online course fee and registration form.


Fundamentals: On-Site or Online

Fundamentals of Galileo, Fundamentals of Merlin, and Fundamentals of Galileo Pre-K Online Curriculum professional development offerings provide new users, future trainers, and administrators with the background needed to implement Galileo technology. All three of these courses can be delivered on-site or online. Click here for the fundamentals online course fee and registration form. Email for on-site registration information.


Mastery: Online

The Mastery of Galileo professional development offering empowers supervisors, administrators, and trainers with expertise to lead their program in the Early Intervention Cycle. This online course is designed for the advanced user desiring more detailed instruction on specific topics related to Galileo and the Early Intervention Cycle. Optional college credit is included as part of the course fee. Click here for the mastery course registration form.


Custom Offerings: On-Site

Custom professional development offerings are crafted to address current and topical needs facing teachers, staff, and administrators. These offerings provide programs with professional development opportunities designed to help meet programs' varied and unique needs. ATI is currently offering professional development focusing on school readiness. Requests for customization of professional development content can be made to the Professional Development Director, Kerridan Kawecki, who can be reached by email ( or by calling 1-877-358-7617. Customization of content may carry additional charges which will be quoted when training is requested.

To inquire about on-site professional development sessions, complete the Professional Development Request form here. To schedule on-site professional development sessions and receive instructions for purchase orders, email us or call 1-877-358-7617. To download online professional development registration forms, click here for the fundamentals course or here for the mastery course. For more details, please see our brochures: Professional Development for Galileo Users. adobe pdf


Professional Development Series: Learning on Demand

The ATI Professional Development Department offers Learning on Demand sessions to assist educators in becoming proficient users of Galileo Pre-K Online technology with the goal of maximizing children's learning. Learning on Demand recorded and online line sessions are complimentary. Recorded Learning on Demand sessions for Galileo users are available now in the Professional Development Forum. Live Learning on Demand sessions for Galileo users offer multiple dates and times for ease and flexibility.


Learning on Demand Sessions

Hosted by the Assessment Technology Incorporated Professional Development Department

New sessions available. Learn more.

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