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Composition of a Comprehensive Assessment System

A well-designed comprehensive assessment system includes many different types of assessment serving the needs of students from preschool to the 12th grade. The various assessment types serve different purposes and provide many benefits. ATI’s comprehensive assessment system includes benchmark, formative, screening and placement tests, plus interim and final course examinations, pretests and posttests, and instruments documenting instructional effectiveness. Perhaps the most important benefit of a comprehensive assessment system is that it supports the ability to adapt to continuous change.
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Galileo Instructional Data System Pilot Project Evaluation

MAGI Services — A Measurement Incorporated Company

Funded by recipients of a federal grant administered by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, February 2009

“…the Massachusetts Department of Education (MADOE) contracted with Assessment Technology, Inc. to supply and implement an instructional data system named Galileo Online. …The evaluation of the Galileo Instructional System Pilot Project (known hereafter as Galileo) was conducted by an independent research and evaluation company, MAGI Services, a Measurement Incorporated Company. …All told, the findings in this study demonstrate strong evidence that the project was a success. The benchmark assessments provided teachers with a tool to inform and shape their instruction, with the goal of increasing student mastery of standards. The benchmarks were reasonably aligned with the statewide assessments and could be used to inform districts and schools educators on how students would perform on the statewide assessments.” Learn more adobe p d f


Common Core State Standards Frequently Asked Questions

Common Core State Standards are more than a new set of standards. They promote a fundamentally different view regarding the goals of curriculum and instructional strategies, the nature of assessment, and the relationship between instruction and assessment. In keeping with the Common Core State Standards’ approach to education, ATI has developed new assessment technology, new curriculum/dialogic technology, and new community initiatives to support the implementation of Common Core State Standards. Learn more adobe p d f


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