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Technology Enhanced Items for Formative Assessments in Dialogic Curriculums

In order to support districts and charter schools in their efforts to implement the new standards and accommodate instructional expectations, ATI is launching a new assessment and instruction initiative introducing technology enhanced (TE) items through formative assessments rendered in the course of dialogic instruction…

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Composition of a Comprehensive Assessment System

This paper details the major types of assessments included in a comprehensive system, the purposes of each type of assessment, and the characteristics and procedures required to ensure the effective implementation of each type of assessment…

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Galileo Instructional Data System Pilot Project Evaluation

“The evaluation of the Galileo Instructional System Pilot Project (known hereafter as Galileo) was conducted by an independent research and evaluation company, MAGI Services, a Measurement Incorporated Company. …All told, the findings in this study demonstrate strong evidence that the project was a success…”

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