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 Spring 2016
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Spring is here and with its arrival another program year is drawing to a close. It is the perfect time to review the progress children in your program have made on their road to school readiness. Galileo® offers the tools you need to do so. We would like to take this opportunity to share details on some of these tools as well as let you know how you can meet with one of our Field Services Coordinators in person. In this edition of eNews, you will learn more about:
  • Developmental Level scores and how ATI research briefs support evaluation of child growth;
  • Versatile reports Galileo offers to assess and share child progress toward school readiness; 
  • ATI's exhibit at the NHSA Head Start Conference and Expo in Nashville where you can get a live look at Galileo Pre-K Online. 
For more information on these or other features of Galileo, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable  Field Services Coordinators. We are available year-round to answer any questions you have about Galileo.

Craig Mayhew
Craig Mayhew
Field Services Director 
Developmental Level (DL) Scores
ATI research briefs assist educators interpreting DL scores
Galileo Pre-K Online provides a reliable and valid assessment tool that can be used to define, assess, and track learning. ATI applies procedures based in Item Response Theory (IRT) to information gained through observational assessment to estimate a measure of child learning. This estimate is presented as the DL score. The DL score indicates a child's position on a developmental path and provides information about the capabilities the child has learned as well as the capabilities the child is ready to learn. Each year, ATI conducts research to evaluate how a child's DL score relates to both a child's age as well as to the time a child is enrolled in a preschool program. The results of the research are summarized in the following two research briefs and can be used to gauge child growth.
  • Estimated Growth for Children Birth through 5 Years Based on 2014-15 Assessment Data: The change in the DL score over time can be used to evaluate child growth. ATI's research can be used to estimate child growth for various time periods. This information can be used by early childhood providers to evaluate whether children are demonstrating adequate growth over time. Read the full brief.

Estimated Growth for time period

  • Predicted Developmental Level Scores for Children Birth through 5 Years Based on 2014-15 Assessment Data: ATI conducts annual research that can be used to predict the DL score for children at various ages. Early childhood providers can use the up-to-date information provided by this research to evaluate whether a child is progressing appropriately over time for his/her age. Read the full brief.

Estimates of Typical Learning for Children of Various Ages

Powerful Galileo Reports
Put data to use with Galileo reports that track and share child progress toward school readiness 
Galileo Pre-K Online offers a number of reports that provide credible data on children's progress and which may be presented to stakeholders and funding sources. For example, the Outcomes Analysis Report has proven to be a flexible and powerful report for our clients. The Outcomes Analysis Report allows programs to analyze progressive data for one or several of the Galileo G3 assessment scales over multiple time periods in one report. The report may include aggregated or disaggregated data for an entire program, center, class, or at the individual child level. This report allows users to select multiple scales, more than three time periods, and include selected centers or classes in a single report. 

For information on Galileo reports, schedule an overview
Outcomes Analysis Report
The Outcomes Analysis Report may be used to view children's learning gains in one or more developmental domains across multiple time periods. Click image to enlarge.
NHSA Head Start Conference and Expo
Visit ATI Exhibit #415 for an online demonstration of Galileo Pre-K Online 
Join us in Nashville where ATI will be exhibiting at the NHSA Head Start Conference and Expo. Galileo Pre-K Online provides preschool educators and other stakeholders an Electronic Management of Learning system that reflects early childhood state standards, school readiness goals, and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework while linking planning, individualization, and program enhancements. Visit our friendly Field Services Coordinator at Exhibit #415 for a demonstration of the system and see for yourself why preschool programs across the country trust Galileo Pre-K Online to meet their research-based assessment, curriculum, and reporting needs. 

Visit the ATI events page to learn more about the conference.
ATI Exhibit _415 at NHSA Conference
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