Formative Assessment Creation is Easier than Ever Using Test Builder with Item Builder Interface

Formative assessments are created in a snap using Galileo® Test Builder with access to one of the largest item banks in the nation consisting of items developed by ATI's expert item writers, Inspect® items, and district-created items. Test Builder includes new state-of-the-art Item Builder tools boosting teacher ability to create their own items of the following types:

  • technology-enhanced items
  • selected-response
  • constructed-response
  • performance-based

Newly created items can be aligned to state standards in any grade and subject. Teachers are also able to attach images, text, and links to a variety of media (e.g. videos, images, texts) and files with associated metadata (e.g. depth of knowledge [DOK]). Plus, the Galileo Test Builder interface is designed for flexible use on desktops, laptops, or tablets. Test Builder with Item Builder helps empower teachers to create items that assess student ability in innovative ways and helps them prepare practice opportunities for their students supporting development of online test-taking skills for future statewide tests.

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Galileo Pause Test Feature

TE item being built in Item Builder


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