New Powerful Launchpad for K-12 Student-Parent Center

The new Launchpad for the K-12 Student-Parent Center, ATI's latest enhancement to Galileo, will go live the last week of March. When a student first logs into the Center, they will see four tiles, each providing quick access to a frequently used interface. With one click, Galileo will know which interface to present: Take Tests, complete Assignments/Dialogs, view Test Results, or view an interactive Calendar. The Launchpad makes it fast and easy for students and parents to get where they need to go. Little Secret: Not only are the tiles easy and pleasant to use, they will have a positive impact on the scalability of the system as a whole. We hope you and your students will enjoy.

Galileo Pause Test Feature

Easily return to the Launchpad from anywhere in the K-12 Student-Parent Center using the Launchpad icon identified above.


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