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May 2018
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As spring moves swiftly along, ATI also continues full-speed ahead by expanding on the tools and feature offerings for classroom educators, administrators, students, and parents. We're excited this season to provide the following to Galileo users
  • Time-limited promotional pricing for the new K-12 On-Site Professional Development and Consultation Series
  • ATI College Prep Test
  • Two new time-saving and ease-of-use tools: Post Student Responses and Open Response item options
  • Expanded item bank options: Certica's Navigate Item Bank™ is now available through Galileo
New K-12 On-Site Professional Development and Consultation Series
Let's work together to design on-site professional development and consultation tailored to your needs. ATI's new  K-12 On-Site Professional Development and Consultation Series includes trainers who will work with your district or charter school one-on-one to guide and support your educators in using Galileo technology to promote learning. The on-site series consists of a total of three full-day sessions - each tailored to your educational goals. Topics may include:
  • Grouping Students for Differentiation and Intervention Purposes
  • Utilizing Educational Resources Available in Galileo Such as Instructional Dialogs, KHAN ACADEMY®, LearnZillion, and EngageNY
  • Creating Formative Tests for Use in Classrooms and Interventions
  • Creating District or School Item Banks
  • Aggregating, Disaggregating and Extracting Data for Progress Monitoring and Reporting Purposes.
Learn more  and  schedule  K-12 on-site PD with our Professional Development team
Prepare your students for college entrance exams with the ATI College Prep Test
Many states are now using college entrance exams as part of their statewide testing programs. The use of these assessments represents a significant change in statewide assessment programs and places new demands on teachers and students participating in the programs. 
ATI has responded to this testing program change by developing the College Prep Test, which is designed to help prepare students for college entrance examinations. Not only do students gain familiarity with this type of assessment, but data from these assessments allows educators to forecast performance on these examinations and select interventions to help students improve in specific skill areas.
As part of the ATI comprehensive assessment system, ATI offers College Prep benchmark assessments for English language arts, math, and science. The items and passages included in these tests reflect the rigor and quality of those found in the latest versions of nationally accepted college entrance examinations. Moreover, the College Prep benchmarks can be aligned to either state standards or to the college preparatory standards developed by ATI's Assessment and Instructional Design department.
To order the ATI College Prep Test or to learn more, contact ATI's Educational Management Services  team.
Two new Galileo time-saving and ease-of-use tools: Post Student Responses and Open Response Item options

Post Student ResponsesUsers now have the option to post student responses along with student scores in the Galileo K-12 Student-Parent Center at a selected date and time. With a click of a button, this feature allows teachers to quickly share test results and item-responses online with their students and parents.

The Post Student Responses feature is available in Schedule Test, Edit Test Schedule, Bulk Scheduler, and Edit Bulk Schedule. This option is also available when scheduling quizzes and the optional tests for Dialogs.

Open Response Item options:  Student responses come in many forms like essays, drawings, graphs, and more. Now, educators have two student response interface options when creating Open Response items in Item Builder. Select the Text Editor option to provide a text editor in the online testing interface where the student can type their response. Or select None and let students create their response on paper or in another program. With these simple buttons, 
educators can quickly select their desired options and build the items they need.
Once students have responded, use the Test Monitoring Report to score the items including viewing student responses entered online, and uploading responses created outside  of Galileo if desired.

Watch for more enhancements coming soon to the Open Response item interface. 
ATI Item Bank Options Expand
ATI's Secure and Community Items Banks are some of the largest item banks in the nation, consisting of more than 93K items in K-12 mathematics, ELA, and  science.  Plus, ATI's experts continuously expand these banks by creating approximately 800 new items each month. To go
one step further, ATI's recent partnership with Certica Solutions,  Inc. means Galileo users now have access to another large and robust item bank. Galileo's integration with Certica's Navigate Item Bank™ offers approximately 91,000 high quality, standards-aligned items. The Navigate Item Bank™ contains a variety of item types and includes items in the following content areas: mathematics, English language arts (reading, writing and research, science and social studies).

Click here to learn more about ATI's item bank options. 
For more information on these or any other Galileo features, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable   Field Services Coordinators , or visit .
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