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Galileo K-12 Online

Online/Offline Assessment

Using Galileo K‑12 Online’s comprehensive online and offline assessment options, districts can design and administer customized, standards-based assessments as part of an effective educational system.

Galileo Assessment

ATI’s patented technology makes it possible to create and maintain reliable and valid assessments aligned with Common Core, state versions, and/or local standards using Galileo’s large and growing item banks including technology enhanced items. Users may also import assessments made outside of Galileo with ASK Technology. The comprehensive assessment system offers benchmark, formative, screening, placement, interim, final course evaluations, pretests, and posttests. Test generation using Test Builder makes it possible for users to create their own items in a variety of formats. Items may be accompanied by images, text, and links to visual media.


Once an assessment is completed, scoring may be done automatically or manually - both options provide rapid access to aggregated results for individual students, classes, schools, and district. Assessment results then guide the development of data-driven instruction. Parents and students can access secure and timely achievement data through the K‑12 Student-Parent Center.


Online Assessment

Whether in a computer lab or on a tablet, Galileo’s redesigned online testing interface provides streamlined navigation and interactive features consistent with those found on state-wide assessments developed by PARCC, SBAC, and AIR. Each assessment begins with clearly stated instructions and provides intuitive, flexible navigation tools. Instructions may vary depending on the item format and with different contextual material.  Interactive testing tools (e.g., calculators, marked-for-review, strike-through and note capabilities) offer a supportive testing experience for all test takers. During the assessment, step-by-step prompts explain how to indicate and review responses. For all questions, Galileo automatically takes the student to the next question once the response is saved. Experience it for yourself through a Multi-Grade TE Items Sample assessment. The sample provides access to test items that represent a range of technology enhanced item types in several different grade levels and subjects. 


Offline Assessment

Offline assessment responses can easily be scanned into Galileo for test scoring and aggregation. Offline assessment is useful in cases when skills being evaluated do not lend themselves well to online testing formats, when there is insufficient access to computers with Internet connections, and/or when student needs require offline test administration. Offline administration may be combined with online administration within a single assessment.


Bubble sheets for offline test administration are seamlessly processed through Scanline. With Scanline, districts can scan offline assessment results, automatically score the assessments, and have access to the raw data immediately within Galileo. Scanline supports Scantron and Brother scanners. Check with ATI Field Services staff for information on supported scanning units.


Mercury: Handheld Wireless Devices Assessment Option

Students can instantly send assessment and/or instructional responses from a wireless response pad to Galileo K‑12 Online using Mercury, an application available within Galileo. Using handheld wireless devices from Promethean, eInstruction, or SMART, any assessment can be administered in this way, from district benchmark assessments to classroom quizzes, or interactive classroom lessons that include student responses to questions. Students give an answer by pressing a button on the remote. The answer is immediately sent to Galileo K‑12 Online, so teachers can see in seconds who answered and their responses. Questions can be projected for all students to view or provided on paper.


ASK Technology

Import, schedule, deliver, administer (online or offline), automatically score and report on assessments created outside of Galileo K‑12 Online using ASK technology. ASK technology is especially useful for administering district end-of-chapter, -unit or -course assessments in higher grade levels. ASK technology makes it possible to align imported tests to standards, schedule for administration online with optional use of response pads or offline with bubble sheets, and automatically score the results, meaning schools can access and manage all their assessment information in one system.