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Galileo K-12 Online

Dynamic Digital Curriculum Platform:

An Innovative Solution at No Additional Cost


Digital Curriculum Builder

Searching for and adding standards to lesson plan using the Lesson Plan Builder. Click to enlarge.


The Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform supports the integration of instruction with assessment to promote learning and is available to clients at no additional cost. The platform offers a seamless, integrated approach to the delivery of differentiated instruction and assessment of student learning.


Digital Curriculum Unit Preview

The development of Units is straightforward and sequential including tabs designated for 1) Unit Info, 2) Standards, 3) Instructional Materials, and 4) Assessment. Illustrated above is the Units setup interface. Click to enlarge.


Digital Curriculum Builder tools

Galileo Digital Curriculum Tools driving the incorporation and development of new curriculum and lesson plans. Click to enlarge.


As the first of its kind, the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform makes it possible to easily incorporate existing curriculum and lessons, develop new curriculum and lesson plan content, and share and modify curriculums and lessons online. Using the platform, educators can:


The Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform Benefits:

Assessment Integrated with Instruction

Data from integrated purposeful assessment of student learning is available to inform decisions regarding the next instructional offerings and possible modifications of the curriculum itself.


Innovative Builder Tools for the Digital Age

The platform includes curriculum builder tools supporting the inclusion of multimedia instructional content within courses, units, lessons and activities.


Access to Popular Resources

The platform enables searching for and scheduling popular instructional resources including those from KHAN ACADEMYŽ*, LearnZillion and ATI pre-built Instructional Dialogs. Plus, access and use EngageNY grades K through 12 curriculum and curriculum resources in units and lessons will be coming soon.


A Cost-Effective Solution for Up-to-Date Curriculum and Lessons

The Digital Curriculum Platform is included in the per-student Galileo K-12 license fee. The dynamic platform provides curriculum lessons in addition to accommodating local district curriculum choices, teacher-designed lessons, and changing district and educator needs. Coming soon, EngageNY curriculum and curriculum resources.


Interactive Instruction and Real-Time Feedback

The platform enables scheduling and implementation of engaging, multimedia online instruction combined with assessment containing technology enhanced (TE) items which can both assess and expand student knowledge and skills. Student responses to selected-response and TE items that do not require teacher grading are immediately scored and feedback is provided to the student to guide learning.


Parent Engagement

Share with parents, important information via the integrated Galileo K-12 Student-Parent Center including information on student learning, curriculum, assignments, and instructional resources for home use.




*KHAN ACADEMYŽ content is available for free at